Hello, World!

The obligatory first blog post.

Well, here we are. I don’t consider myself a blogger. I have plenty of opinions, and feel like I can articulate them fairly well, but I just don’t have a lot of interest in changing anyone’s mind about what they believe. I feel like it’s usually pointless to try to do so and I don’t really enjoy the debates. So, that being said, I bet you’re wondering why I have a blog on my website.

Well, I have enough going on in my world that I think it may interest a few people (hi Mom!) to write about it from time to time. Also, I occasionally have musical things to share, whether new tracks I’m working on, videos, or technical or musical things I’m experimenting with. If another musician finds any of my musical ideas interesting or helpful, they are worth sharing, and if any fan hears something they like, great!

New website!

Believe it or not, one time I got the keyboard spot on a gig because the artist saw that I had a website and said, “At least you have a little ambition to promote yourself.” It wasn’t much of a website but even then I knew that it was important to have some kind of online presence. The first thing I do when I want to know about whether I should hire someone, go to a certain restaurant, see a movie, etc., I always check the website.

In the first two days of being live, my new website was viewed by 233 different people who looked at 572 pages! That’s pretty exciting. I believe the new masonembry.com will do a much better job of representing me. Please let me know what you think!

Check back!

I won’t be updating every day, but I will try to share things here from time to time. If the blog gets too stagnant, feel free to call me out on it!


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